No one actually said that.....

2018 has been a whirl wind, I really thought I was getting ahead of this whole adulting thing, but boy was I wrong. It hasn't been all bad though, just a test of will and patience.

I'm curating a California bucket list for the summer...
(If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment)

But since it's been so long since I've done an update, I thought I'd rattle off a list of firsts I've tackled thus far:

My first trip to Disneyland

Thrilling, exhilarating, and magical
The best part was Haunted Mansion was decorated for the Christmas holiday season. But now my mission is to put all of my LA friends in my pocket, and drag them to Disney World (because they've never ever been, I know it should be a crime).


My first concert in LA


Loud, energetic, riveting

Dua Lipa was first time standing in general admission for a concert. It was SO much fun though.
It was also my first time attending a concert at venue as intimate as the Palladium.
It felt like one huge dance party


My first Shabbat

IMG_0018 2.jpg
IMG_0022 2.JPG
Warm, joyful, soulful
OK so I went to my first shabbat dinner and it was amazing. I loved every minute of it, the food, the conversation, the traditions and prayers. I could honestly eat challah every day, with every meal and not complain.


My first car accident

Not my favorite first, but it happened. Although I am still sore and I absolutely hate driving in the rain. I am extremely blessed and fortunate that I along with the other person, was able to walk away from the accident.

I also survived the Great California Tsunami.


Technically it was just a Tsunami **warning** , that only lasted 15 minutes, and technically the warning was for the West Coast, but apparently the area that I live in is SAFE from tsunamis....great information to know before a tsunami warning.

I've also lived through three baby earth quakes, and if you're wondering why yes I did cry through most of them, it's built character though.

My next post will be Tiffany's California Manual, it'll be a list of things everyone should know before moving here.

Here are the first five rules:
1. You must know how to parallel park.
2. You must know how to parallel park.
3. You must know how to parallel park.
4. You must know how to parallel park.
5. It's nothing like La La Land


**please leave a bucket list suggestion in the comments 💓**