Everyone loves foodstagrams.

I signed up for one of those meal prep plans that you often hear about. 
Most people who sign up for these either rave about the meal service or rant about it.
I'm just here to share pictures of delicious food I made. 
To be fair to the other recipes, these are the only pictures I took in account of I usually ate all of my food before realizing I didn't capture the moment.

Sweet n Smoky pork chop over Basmiti rice

Seasoned chicken with Brussel sprouts, parsnip, and carrots

Ginger beef with asparagus over Basmati rice

Sausage bologenese

I love cooking and baking, and since you're here, let me share with you this yummy pasta.
**But I had to like, go to the store, and purchase the items myself, what a challenge, omg**

Garlic shrimp pasta

**obvious sarcasm